Holographic Media transfer Paper jam

       Most of the Cigarette sign Paper belongs to the category of laser transfer papers. Give the packaging visual beautification effect and unique anti-counterfeiting effect. At present, the company's cigarette label paper products are mainly divided into cigarette label with holographic aluminum transfer paper, smoke standard with ordinary aluminum transfer paper and smoke label with holographic media transfer paper three categories.

       1. Many kinds: can provide you with different flower shape, each with the characteristics of laser holographic transfer paper, can also be designed according to your requirements of a variety of laser patterns. 

       2. Full Control: Based on the company's comprehensive product line, quality control throughout, to bring you better products.

       3. Quality Assurance: Outstanding surface quality and printing adaptability, the mature process to ensure that we can produce customer satisfaction products. At the same time can also be customized for the special requirements of customers.

       4. Green Environmental protection: Product production are used well-known manufacturers raw materials, organic volatile substances content is low, can fully meet the tobacco packaging VOCs testing standards, and can be applied to all types of printing methods.