Disposable Anti-Counterfeit Box

Disposable Anti-Counterfeit Box

Programme description:

    This kind of product has the security function of the telephone security inquiry.

Security code hidden to the box life side of the mezzanine, the box surface has easy to tear lines, inquiries in accordance with the prompts to tear the box along the easy tearing knife line ripped, revealing inside the security code, through the call or login site into my company's National Logistics Anti-counterfeiting Inquiry platform for authenticity inquiries.


(1) can use our national Logistics security management platform. 

(2) The inquiry website may link to the customer website. 

(3) Call the telephone query, you can achieve personalized message security inquiries and voice broadcast. 

(4) The consumption of inquiries at the same time, directly caused the damage to the packaging, to prevent the use of two times.