Bopp Seamless Cold Transfer Film

      The principle of production is the first two version molded without version PET holographic film, the use of Opp molding machine, to the hardness of the PET as a "holographic roll", the holographic pattern on the PET film transferred to Boop film. on the Boop film on the realization of no version of the slit holographic laser. Our company is the first to engage in Boop seamless cold transfer film manufacturers, can provide customers with a variety of patterns of Boop seamless cold transfer film.

Product Characteristics:

       1. No visible gaps, can be reused multiple times. 

       2. With high extinction and low gloss, diffuse reflection extinction effect, good transfer effect.

       3. Molded pattern is rich, can meet the most market demand and provide personalized customization. 

       4. Non-toxic without odor, in line with the national green environmental requirements.