Shandong Taibao Anti-counterfeiting Technology Products Co.,Ltd.

       Shandong Taibao Anti-counterfeiting Technology Products Co.,Ltd. is a research and development, production, sales and service in one of the information anti-counterfeiting production enterprises, is a state-level High-tech enterprises, China's Anti-counterfeiting Industry Association vice chairman of the unit, the national new material industrialization base backbone enterprises, is the national 863 project, the state key industry revitalization and technical National Science and Technology SME Innovation Fund Key Project implementation units, the company has established Shandong Province anti-counterfeiting Engineering Technology Research Center, Shandong Province Enterprise Technology Center, Shandong Province RFID Engineering Technology Research Center, 3 Provincial research and development platform. More than 20 projects are included in National science and Technology department, national Ministry of Industry, National Development and Reform Commission and other national science and technology projects and provincial-level science and technology project The company currently has more than 200 patents, including 103 invention patents. Has presided over, participated in the drafting of 7 national standards of anti-counterfeiting technology.

       The company's products are mainly divided into information anti-counterfeiting technology products, anodized products, RFID radio frequency electronic tag three categories. Information Anti-counterfeiting technology products are mainly divided into laser holography and digital information two categories, the company introduced a full set of advanced laser holography equipment and digital printing equipment, the formation of a holographic sedan, molding, digital processing, composite, color printing, hot stamping, die-cutting, such as the complete production line. All kinds of information security products for Sinopec, Shanghai Volkswagen, Maotai, Wuliangye, Lang wine, clouds and other domestic more than 3,000 outstanding enterprises, tens of thousands of brand-name products to provide high-end all-round product anti-counterfeiting and logistics information Management Services, accounting for more than 30% of the domestic market, in innovation, research and development, technology, standardization, Brand building and so on has been living in the industry leading position. The company takes advanced laser holography technology as the backing, developed the anodized product, the product and the information technology unifies, has developed the localization anodized and the information anodized and so on the product, is being more and more applies to the product packing, has formed the company a new growth point. With the development of the Internet of things, the company is looking at RFID smart tags, has introduced Germany, Japan and Singapore and other countries advanced technology and equipment, research and development of RFID Wireless RF electronic label products, mainly including drip plastic and self-adhesive category.

       Companies attach importance to the introduction of talent, training and incentives to attract high-quality talent to join. As of June 2017, the company employs a total of 297 people, college education staff A total of 132 people, accounting for 44.4% of the total number of staff, engaged in research and development and innovation of the scientific and technological personnel a total of 49 people, the total number of employees 16.4%, formed a high-quality, with a high degree of professionalism and strong team.  We have established close cooperative relations  with Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shandong Institute of Standardization, Beihang University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Shandong Universities and Shandong Polytechnic University. From the source to ensure the high technology of new products, and continuously improve the technical content of products. Annual research and development investment accounted for the sales revenue of the 5-6%, each year there are 4-6 projects at the same time research and development, "annual output of 3 billion high-performance comprehensive anti-counterfeiting identification project" "One-time special equipment safety management electronic tag" and many other projects are included in the national key support projects.

      Companies adhere to the "Quality is Life.  Rely on Reputation management enterprise." concept, the overall strengthening of quality management, in 1998 in the national anti-counterfeiting industry took the lead through the ISO9000 Quality Management system certification, the company's product quality continues to improve, in the market to win customers trust and good reputation. "Thai treasure" brand and its products have been rated as "Shandong famous trademarks", "Shandong famous brand products." 2013, the company won the first Zibo "Mayor Quality Management Award", 2015 was awarded the "National Electronic Information Industry Outstanding Enterprise" honorary title. China's anti-counterfeiting industry Association as "China's top ten anti-counterfeiting Industry Enterprises", "China's anti-counterfeiting Industry Enterprise quality Credit AAA class enterprise." 2016 China brand value evaluation information issued TaiBao-anti-counterfeiting brand value of 402 million yuan. Shandong Province is the deputy Director of RFID Industry unit, Shandong Province, the vice-President of the Association of Materials networking units.