Shandong Taibao Packaging Product Co.,Ltd.

Company Profile

      Shandong Tai Bao Packaging Products Co., Ltd. was founded in January 2005, is located in Shandong province Zibo Huantai County Shaohai Road North  of the Taibao Industrial Park, is one of the backbone enterprises in Shandong Taibao Group, is also China's Anti-counterfeiting Industry Association vice chairman of the unit, to participate in the formulation of national standards. The existing staff of 132, including 32 research and development personnel, 50 scientific and technical personnel. The company has the world's leading technology of laser plate-making system, wide without plate seam molding machine, imported aluminum machine, slitting rewinding machine, coating laminating machine, transfer stripping machine, such as a complete set of production equipment, specializing in a variety of high-end new environmental protection, energy-saving, anti-counterfeiting holographic materials Research and development, production and sales, It is China one of the earliest enterprises engaged in the research of the comprehensive application of laser holography technology, and has been identified as the backbone enterprise of the national new material industrialization base and the fixed-point production enterprise of Chinese packaging products. In the industry is the earliest through the Anti-counterfeiting technology assessment and access to production licenses anti-counterfeiting packaging material products production enterprises.

      Shandong Tai Bao Packaging Products Co., Ltd. 2005 through and in strict accordance with ISO9001 quality Management system, ISO14001 Environmental management system, OHSAS18001 Occupational health and safety management system of three major standards for production and operation, and actively participate in the holographic anti-counterfeiting industry national standards for the formulation and modification of work, Shandong University is the base of scientific research practice, 2008, the company was Shandong Science and Technology department, the Finance department, the IRS, the local taxation bureau identified as a state-level High-tech Enterprises, October 2011 successfully passed the review. Companies focus on independent innovation, annual sales revenue of 6% of self-financing as research funds for technical research and development investment, with environmental protection and energy-saving type of laser holography transfer film, transfer paper products, more than 70 inventions and utility model national patent, through the provincial Science and technology Department of Science and Technology achievements appraisal, and was recognized by experts as the filling of domestic blank products, With environmental protection and energy saving, anti-counterfeiting function and applicable to the characteristics of continuous printing, played a leading role in the development of the industry.

Company Main Product Introduction

       The company now produces the main products are: 1, laser holographic film products, including: Laser holographic transparent film, laser holographic dielectric film, laser holography transfer film, laser holography local transfer film, cold transfer film, no version of the seam transfer film, laser holographic anti-counterfeiting tape; 2, laser holographic paper products, including: Laser holographic transfer paper, Laser holographic positioning transfer paper, laser holographic anti-counterfeiting paper, Laser holographic Direct plating paper, embossed inside the backing sheet.

       Company's products are widely used in high-grade tobacco and alcohol, medicine, cosmetics, books and other product packaging, and can provide exclusive security features, customers throughout the country, serving in Shandong Tobacco, Yunnan Tobacco, Fujian Tobacco, Heilongjiang Tobacco, Hubei Tobacco, Shanghai, China Tobacco, Shaanxi tobacco and other domestic key tobacco companies, and cigarette packs and tobacco materials Enterprises Shenzhen Jin Ka , Guilin View Group, Nanjing Gold foil, Qingdao Jiaze, Hubei Golden Gate, Red Cloud Honghe Group, Guangzhou Huadu, Henan Jinhong, Yunnan Chuxiong Hualong, Fujian Fuxing, Beijing Everbright and so on have cooperative relations.

Enterprise Development Vision

      Companies to promote the "rapid and accurate to meet customer demand" market competition concept, adhere to the "user interests first" principle of service. Companies adhering to the digital management, confidentiality management, quality management, safety management rules and regulations, at the same time, the company's organizational structure and business processes completely around the customer set up to ensure fast and accurate customer service.

       Since its inception, committed to the anti-counterfeiting industry, has achieved considerable performance and sustained growth, successively with a number of large tobacco factories, printing plant to establish cooperative relations and achieved considerable economic benefits. In order to ensure product quality, the company invested more than millions of yuan to introduce advanced testing equipment at home and abroad, such as the introduction of the United States Agilent Meteorological chromatograph, the top air sampling instrument, the German import moisture meter, so that the product quality has been more and more customer recognition, with a number of long-term stable users.

       Company to provide high-quality environmental protection products and improve environmental performance responsibility, will be the combination of advanced technology and Noble Arts, packaging industry technology and culture and customer consumption-oriented combination, to create their own brand, to form their own culture, and strive to enhance the company's image. With the Times, innovative technology, grasp the opportunity, scientific management, and strive to build a century enterprise.