Group to carry out the "quality improvement" full focus training

2018-01-23 15:30:49 admin 18


       Recently, the Group focused on the organization of all stages of "Upgrading the quality---everyone must learn 15 methods" training. In the first-tier management training sessions, the Chairman of the group on the specific deployment of the training, to require all staff to learn this course content, enhance the quality of staff awareness, and further improve product quality and work quality.

       "Improve quality" curriculum from the Enterprise Quality Management practice, to ensure quality and continuous improvement of quality as the starting point for all staff to provide the pursuit of continuous improvement of the quality of the problem awareness. Quality as the life of the enterprise, in order to better meet the country's requirements of enterprises, market changes, customer demand. Combined with the current situation of the enterprise to better improve product quality, so that all staff in the ideological resonance, in action there are specific methods. Staff after learning generally reflect the benefits, corrected their work in the "almost Mr., Miss sloppy" thinking, quality awareness and ideas will be further sublimated.