Recruit Talents: Taibao Group company set up "Do not ask for everything but use it" talent concept, take the internal competition and external recruitment combination of the way to select suitable for enterprise development of the talent team for the Tai Bao Group Company's bigger and stronger build up excellent talent echelon.

  Training Talents: Training and development for the training of talents, to achieve organizational goals and personal career planning, to provide staff with adequate growth and development space, play an important role. Invest nearly million yuan each year for various forms of talent training, has now invested more than 1 million yuan has built a projector and other advanced equipment multi-functional training classroom, through the establishment of a diversified training system for staff to carry out professional training.

  Make Good use of Talents: In the use of talent, not seniority, the amount of use, adhere to people-oriented, humanistic management, and strive for each staff to provide a broad space for development, build a platform to display their talents. The Taibao Group's approach is ——— as long as you run fast, then you should be in front, your position and salary is higher than others.

  Motivate Talents: Performance management is an important part of human resource management. The group adopts the performance management model of appraisal and encouragement and does not look at the academic degree and pays attention to the performance.